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Cryptocurrency list

The list of available cryptocurrencies has grown at such a staggering rate that there are more than 1100 cryptocurrencies in circulation with an estimated market cap of $150 billion. The following is a list compiled in no particular order.

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What are cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are virtual or digital currencies which are used as mediums of exchange in buying of goods and services. The earliest known electronic method of payment was Digicash invented by David Chaum who was an American cryptographer who migrated to Amsterdam. At some point he was offered $180 million by Microsoft to put his invention on every Windows PC but he complained that the money was not enough, the deal never materialised and DigiCash became bankrupt.

Cryptocurrencies are created using Blockchain technology. So what is Blockchain technology? It is a decentralised, digitised public ledger for all cryptocurrency transactions...

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