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Bitcoin hardware comparison

AntMiner S5

The AntMiner S5 is the entry level Bitcoin miners who aren’t ready to fork out more than a few hundred rands/dollars. Most users who have bought the device are quite pleased with the results. In terms of today’s mining difficulty and decreasing block reward, in my opinion it is an outdated service as you would not make more than 0.05 BTC. In actual fact you’ll need to run it for about a year and 8 months to get 1 full Bitcoin. Other customers complained about the device being too noisy but unfortunately that’s how most miners are, loud and hot.

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Avalon 6

Avalon 6’s great contenders are both the S5 and S7 AntMiners. From the limited amount of reviews that can be found online most are of the opinion that the Avalon 6 is not as loud as its contenders and the hash rate is pretty reasonable. At the current price tag I see no reason to choose it over its competitors, it costs a 100 rands/dollars more than the S7 which has more superior results.

With the Avalon 6 you can generate a revenue of around 0.12BTC a month, which is hardly something you can write home about.

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AntMiner S7

The AntMiser S7 was on top of the carts in the Bitcoin mining sector up until a few months ago. With today’s difficulty levels and the block reward halving, with the AntMiner7 you can make 0.15BTC a month. It’s definately not a lot but as the Bitcoin price continues to rise it may just be a profitable investment.
I would’t suggest however against buying this rig due to the fact that it’s too expensive for an entry level device and very weak in generating any substantial amount of Bitcoins. Some users who bought this device seem quite happy with it judging from online reviews. It is also worth considering that it was first introduced August 2015 which means it’s not all that new.

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AntMiner S9

In my opinion, the most advanced and most efficient Bitcoin miner today is the AntMiner S9. For all those serious Bitcoin miners out who want to be really in the business of Bitcoin mining, this is a definate must have. This miner is fairly knew on the scene so possibilities are Bitcoin mining difficulty will also increase. With the current difficulty rate this miner can get you around 0.5 Bitcoins every month which is quite profitable. With your monthly profit however you also need to take into account electricity costs, pool fees, hardware cost, not to mention that the difficulty level may rise.

Although this is currently the toughest miner out there, it’s only a matter of time that it too becomes absolete but until then its a pretty reliable piece of machinery.

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Antminer R4

This Miner is for hobby mining which means its for those people who want to mine Bitcoins for fun at home. Although it cannot compete with the S9 it is serious competition for the S7. Its main advantage over other Bitcoin miners is its specialised cooling unit and its quieteness compared to other miners out there. This makes it more suited for the home environment.

Calculations point to the miner breaking even in 12 months which might be a bit of a pretty risky investment as factors point to most miners becoming obsolete within 6-9 months. With the rise in the Bitcoin’s price and if it continues in this upward trend the Antminer R4 may yield a good return on your investment.

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Avalon 7

Caanan Creative introduced the Avalon 721 also known as Avalon 7 early November 2016. The price tag on the Avalon 7 is much lower compared to most of its advanced counterparts but its also less powerful. It definately is a good choice for those people looking for a cheaper entry miner.

Calculations put it a 24 months to break even which makes it a pretty risky investment. You can counter that though by connecting a row of five Avalon 7’s creating for yourself a powerful 30 TH/s mining rig.

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