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Where to earn Satoshis and how to make Bitcoins

Faucet Rotators

A faucet rotator is a repository of faucets, in other words its a directory that lists paying faucets. When you reach your withdrawal limit and withdraw your earnings are all grouped in the rotator from the you can then withdraw them into your wallet. The best faucet rotators currently are:

There are faucet rotators that have instant withdrawals and are specific for certain wallets. The following are for Xapo:


Faucets is where you make most of your Satoshis which ultimately become a Bitcoin. The following is a compilation of faucets where you can earn you Satoshis. Most of them need you to enter you Bitcoin wallet address (refer to “Bitcoin wallets” post), solve a captcha and claim. You also earn through referrals.

  • Claim BTC – With this faucet you earn mBTC’s (refer to my “What is Bitcoin” post). You can also multiply already made mBTC’s by playing a throw of the dice game. It also has an android app that has the same setup as the website. Your website and android app accounts are automatically linked if you use the same Bitcoin wallet address.

  • Bonus Bitcoin – This faucet also has the “roll the dice” game.
  • Alien Faucet – This one of my favourite faucets, not only because of the many mobile apps it offers but also the surveys and valuable info about other programmes in addition to it own faucet wall.
  • – For this faucet to earn free bitcoins you have a slot machine where you hit a button and numbers roll until you hit your lucky numbers. You can multiply your bitcoins by playing the Bet Hi or Bet Lo game and this faucet also has a weekly lottery.
  • SwissAdsPaysFaucet – This faucet has similar games to The exception is that instead of a lottery it has a raffle and a coin toss game.

Xapo Faucets

With Xapo faucets you get instant payments when you claim with your Xapo registered email address. Most Xapo faucets work more like and have the same structure as the Moon Bitcoin faucet.

  • Moon Bitcoin – One of the longest running and simplest faucets that I have come across. Instantaneous payments if you have a Xapo account. If you keep the tab open and have indicated that you want to be alerted for your next claim a “ding” sound alerts you to that.
  • Instant BTC
  • Field Bitcoins

Mobile Apps

The most easiest way to earn Satoshi/Bitcoins is through mobiles apps. Most people play games on their phones when they are bored, now imagine playing those games to earn something.

Surfing Ads

The following sites reward with Bitcoins for surfing ads.

Diverse tasks

  • Coin Tasker – With Coin Tasker you earn 50.00 µBTC’s for joining the site, 10.00 µBTC’s for your 1st login and 5 µBTC’s for other subsequent logins and if you stay long in between site visits. Earn 10.00 µBTC’s for every friend request that you accept. There is a task wall with the following activities to earn µBTC’s – Pay Per Click,  Radio,  Reviews,  Surveys, Video, View Ads. You also earn for social sharing and they also have an affiliate programme from which you earn 10% life time for referrals with their interactions on the site.

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