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Awesome Text to Speech websites

Text to Speech websites also abbreviated as TTS are exactly that. You type in text and its converted into speech. You can choose from a library of voices. These websites offer free and premium services. All 3 differ a bit in terms of services that they offer which sets them apart. I find them very useful in making instructional videos. Below is a brief description of what they offer.


This website offers you a sample choice of voices from animation, cartoons, comics, superheroes, movies, musicians, robot voices, and real people. You can even sample your own voice. The quality though needs a bit of improvement.


I found authentic voices on this TTS website. There are free and premium voices. The interface is very simple and easy to use. You can adjust voice volume and speed.


This is another awesome website with a simple interface. What sets this one apart when compared to the other two websites is that you can add breaks in between words, emphasise words, whisper, and even change between speakers in text.

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