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Make money playing games on your phone

Most people love playing games on their phones just to while away time. Why not make money while enjoying your past time.

With this Cash App you get 1800 points on sign up. The app indicates which games you need to install and play. Points are earned based on how many minutes you play on each game. You can cashout at 2000 (R2.86) points , 3959 (R5.72) points, 9701 (R14.30), 18826 (R28.60) points, 37275 (R57.20) points, 55354 (R85.80) points or 73067 (R144.40).

You can withdraw through Amazon Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. Good news for South Africans is you can withdraw straight from Paypal into your FNB account. Lets play and make some money. Click here to download on Play Store.

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