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Easy Equities (Easiest way to invest in the stock market)

Been meaning to start your share portfolio but don’t know where to start? Easy Equities has made it super easy. On Easy Equities you can buy shares, ETFs, ETNs, get Initial Public Offerings (IPO), set up your Retirement Annuity, buy Crypto currencies and invest in property and earn Rental Income.

The beauty about Easy Equities is you can invest with whatever amount you can afford and start buying fractions of a share until the full amount of the share is paid up. The first shares I bought to test the waters were from an IT company called Adapt IT at R2.95 per share. That was the full price of the share at that time. The share price now is at R4.40.

On Easy Equities USD you can buy shares from Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Ford, Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, Tesla just to mention a few, basically any share you can think of internationally. Easy Equities ZAR is all about shares from South African companies. You can also buy bundles or baskets. Bundles and baskets are basically shares of a group of companies in order to maximise continuous growth. Here if the share price of one company goes down the share price is not affected as performance of the other companies’ shares will be on an upward trajectory ensuring consistent growth.

Easy Equities also offers IPO (Initial Public Offering) which is an offering of new shares to the public from companies that are just making their way into the market. There is also ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds which are pooled investment vehicles that offers diversified exposure to a particular area of the market. They can be stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, options or a blend of different assets. You also have ETNs (Exchange Traded Notes), here the investor lends money to the issuer of the ETN, usually a bank and then receives a return based on the movements of a specific benchmark. Benchmarks can be based on interest rates, commodity prices, bonds, a currency or a selection of shares. You can also take your Retirement Annuity on Easy Equities. The top 10 Crypto currencies are also packaged into what Easy Equities has named EC10 Index in which you can also invest. Lastly you can invest in property where you can earn rental income. Easy Equities offers fractional property investments where you buy shares on properties listed in the platform. You then earn rental income and get paid dividends on a quarterly basis

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