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Answered Insight

Answered Insight is a website where you get rewarded for answering surveys. I use it personally and have been for the last 3 years. For each survey you earn 10 points which translate to R20 ($1.40) and you can cash out once you have reached 50 points [R100 ($6.99)].

Not many surveys are sent. On average I receive 3 to 4 surveys a month which means taking these surveys won’t make you rich but will give you some pocket change for very little effort. Surveys average 15 to 20 minutes. There is a cash-out button once you have reached your 50 points. For cash payouts you have to provide your banking details and payment is processed within 5 days.

Your reward is in cash, airtime or you can choose shopping vouchers. If you are feeling generous you can donate the cash equivalent of your points to a charity of your choice. One very important point to note is once you have received your survey you need to quickly answer and submit or you may not qualify once the quota of participants has been met by the survey company.

Click Here to join – ANSWERED INSIGHT

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