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How to secure your Facebook account

Recently my account was hacked which was a wake-up call for me to step up my account security.

The first thing I did was change my password. When changing your password you need to follow at minimum the following rules. Your password should be 8 to 14 characters long. Use uppercase and lowercase letters. Include special characters. This is an example of a secure password, “?4ee#2ge?6ng” or you can use a word that would be easy to remember like “Tr1Ck” for “trick” or “84sk37b4LL” for “basketball”.

You also need to go to Password and Security, Setting Up Extra Security and set Get alerts about unrecognized logins and then choose how you get those alerts. In addition setup Two-Factor authentication under Password and Security. I use Google Authenticator downloaded from Play Store. You must also restrict permission of who can post on your profile by going to Settings, under Audience and visibility go to Profile and Tagging. On Viewing and Tagging (Who can post on your profile?) select “Only me.”

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