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A long time ago, I think it was 5 or 6 years back, while looking for my pot of gold online I came across this gig platform where you had to perform tasks and earn money. The way it worked then was you had to confirm if a particular business or institution still existed. This involved physically going to the location, tagging it and uploading photos. Other tasks included going into specific shops and confirming if certain products were being sold and their prices. This also involved tagging the location and taking photos. I earned and cashed some money on these gigs. After that life took over and I got busy and put this platform on the burner for a while.

Fast forward to 2021, watching videos on TitTok and I came across this lady giving advice on platforms where you can make money online and lo behold my gig platform from back in the day was mentioned. I decided to go check it out and to my surprise I still had an account. The platform has evolved so much over the years and there is so much money to earn doing a variety of tasks. Some involve traveling and others involve just interacting with people close by. You earn by motivating people to do socially responsible tasks like vaccination, introducing people to bursaries, tagging construction sites, plotting map sites and helping people whose businesses were destroyed by the recent violence where shops were looted. With this particular gig you can earn from R250 up to R2500.

The platform is available both as an app and website. Click here to join

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